Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali

Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali and its Remedies

Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali; Moon, a cosmic body circling Earth which is additionally the fifth biggest satellite in our close planetary system. Alongside its colossal light and enormous beauty, it has also extraordinary significance in Astrology or Astronomy.

Like the other 8 planets of Astrology, likewise assumes an extraordinary job in the life of individuals. In Astrology, Moon is the Karak or significator of mind. Along these lines, with its approval in the Kundali, you can accomplish a tranquil, decided, and visionary psyche.

Be that as it may, when Moon is in a feeble situation in the horoscope it causes numerous enormous issues. One such issue is the Chandra Dosh and its Effect on Kundali

Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali and its Remedies
Chandra Dosh

Chandra Dosha attracts numerous critical obstructions in your life. It makes you lack ability to focus; It also affects your decision making ability, due to which you lack confidence, creativity. We are often mentally disturbed and it becomes difficult to try in the same direction. In this article today, we will discuss the lunar dosha and also suggest ways to overcome it.

Today in this article, we will talk about Chandra Dosh and will likewise reveal to you remedies for conquer it.

What is Chandra Dosha?

According to Vedic Astrology, the Chandra Dosha is framed when Moon is poorly set within the horoscope. There are numerous planetary situations for the Moon to be harrowed or weakened. In any case, the foremost factor that shapes this dosh is that the combination of Rahu and Moon.

The combination of Rahu-Moon within the horoscope is known as Chandra Dosha. This state is additionally called Grahan or eclipse. We can say if Rahu is placed with the Moon, this situation known as Chandra dosh or Grahan.

An individual who has Chandra Dosh in their Kundali suffers an excellent deal of emotional struggle. They’re often distracted and unsure. Planetary Position alongside the Rahu-Moon conjunction, there are another planetary positions that create Chandra Dosh.

Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali and its Remedies
Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali and its Remedies

These positions are –

If Rahu is inspecting Moon in the horoscope or Moon is forming a conjunction with Ketu then it also creates Chandra Dosha.

When Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope it imparts a harmful impact. Also, when Moon forms a conjunction with a malefic planet, it creates Chandra dosh. In the horoscope, if a malefic planet is inspecting Moon it causes Chandra Dosha.

The conjunction of Sun-Moon in the horoscope also causes Chandra Dosha.

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Remedies for Chandra Dosh Effect on Kundali

In the event that there is a Chandra Dosha in your horoscope, at that point you may confront numerous difficulties throughout everyday life. It can make you a survivor of false impressions and you may have questions about your choices.

An absence of assurance and an absence of control of considerations can make your life troublesome. Alongside this, you are likewise prone to have nervousness, desperation, and weak memory.  In any case, Astrology offers you an answer for conquer this Dosh by attempting the cures given below:- 

• According to Hindu Mythology, Moon is a definitive aficionado of Lord Shiva. In this way, on the off chance that you worship Lord Shiva every day with dedication, at that point you can get rid of Dosh. As a deterrent it also proves to be a good idea to get rid of this defect.

• Chanting Mahamrityunjaya mantra every day also proves a good idea as it is effective in this dosh.

• Lord Ganesh is the younger child of Lord Shiva. He is additionally the Lord of art, science, and wisdom. Worshiping of Lord Ganesha is additionally or alternatively useful to get rid of this defect.

• Doing pranayam daily can likewise diminish the impact of the dosha and it additionally decreases the spasticity of mind.

• Reciting Durga Saptashati Path remove the Chandra Dosha. it can also help you to get rid of other kind of dosh in our Kundali.


It is very important that you get proper astrology advice to remove any dosh otherwise. The correct pronunciation and astrological measures of the mantras should be done correctly. Otherwise the wrong remedies will not give you the right result. Jyotish Red Book is also very useful in this situation. You can also overcome the lunar defect by the remedies of Lal Kitab.

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