Astrological measures of success in the stock market

Astrological measures of get success in stock market measures

Astrological measures of success in the stock market; in today’s era, the desire of earning more and more money in a short time, people invest money in the stock market. Putting money in the stock market is like playing a game, because the stock market is called the market of possibilities, where there is no guarantee of your success. These are the market of projections. If your luck goes out, you will play in money, but if the planet betrays you, you can also become a Roadpati from Karorpati in the moment. The person should do the following astrological measures to get success in the stock market: –


Get success in Stock market


  • To practice this mantra, take a bath on Friday morning and sit facing east.
  • Put a picture of Goddess Lakshmi in front of you and worship her with panch bhog Navade.
  • After this, chant three beads of the appropriate mantra with the rosary of Rudraksha.
  • After the puja, give Prasad to all. This mantra will act as a protective shield for the money invested in your stock market.
  • Due to its effect, you will not have to bear any kind of loss at least.

Mantra- Vishnupriya Mahapiyari Devi Lakhasumi Antara Varaha Mohan Sinduto Motho Dhenam Dehi


  • For this, take a red colored cloth and put a black pen on it and tie it.
  • Now sit facing the north and light up a four-faced Diya in front of Mother Lakshmi’s photo.
  • Now chant this miraculous mantra at least 108 in five days and more than 11 times.
  • After the completion of five days, worship Goddess Lakshmi and keep this red cloth bag in your locker. By the grace of Mother Lakshmi, you will get a lot of profit in the stock market.

Astrological measures of success by Stock market totke

Stock market totke; although the success of the stock market depends entirely on the best planets of the native, but we can try our astrology to ensure our success in this field. To get success in the stock market, the person should try the following totke mentioned in astrology: –

  • To earn more profit in the stock market, the person should read a book called “Vishnu Sahas-Tranam” before investing money.
  • Every Friday, sit on the front of the idol of Lakshmi and Narayan and worship them with incense, deep flowers, etc.
  • This lesson should start with the grace of Lord Vishnu; you will surely achieve success in the stock market.

Stock market totke;  If there is Mahadasha of Rahu in the horoscope, then to correct it, recite this Bij mantra of Rahu for 108 times and chant three times. Hawan should be done after reciting the daily mantra for 21 days.


With the effect of above mantra, the Mahadasha of Rahu will end from the Kundli and Rahu will be get strong in positive way, so that the possibility of the money gains will be made in the Kundli.

• In order to be successful in the stock market, one should offer oil every Saturday in the temple of Shani Dev. With this Shani Dev is pleased and in the Kundli, there will be a possibility of profit in the Kundli.

• Every Tuesday, go to Hanumanji’s temple and offer prasad along with recitation of Sundar-Kand. By doing this, our claim in the stock market never turn us to loss.


All the astrological measures described above ensure your success in the stock market. From this article, we have learned that the success of the stock market depends entirely on our planetary conditions, so before investing money in the stock market, you should show your horoscope with some good astrologer, so that you can take any kind of remedial measures for any type of loss.

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