Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India; The Best Known Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India; 20-25 years ago, have we ever thought that we can earn money online with the help of internet while sitting at home? Today, making money online has become easier than ever before. Due to the digital marketing revolution, companies are also looking for cost effective methods for creative promotion. Affiliate marketing is a solution for many e-commerce companies also affiliate marketing is a good option for those who want to monetize their blog. Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in India. In this blog, we will guide you how to earn money with Amazon Associate Program in India. You can also see what you have to do to start Amazon affiliate marketing in India to earn income.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program or Amazon Associates, this is a largest affiliated programmed currently available in the market. Amazon associate is a best way for small business owners, website owners and also for creators or bloggers to manage and build their websites or blog. With the help of “Amazon Affiliate Marketing” you not only manage them but even monetize them.

We will talk about Amazon affiliate marketing in India, also what it is and how to use it. Furthermore there’ll be a step by step guide to be a member or associate of “Amazon Affiliate Marketing.”

It will be discussed through:

1. What Is Amazon Affiliate ?

2. How It Is Useful And For Whom?





First, let’s get to know about it.

“Amazon Affiliate Marketing” basically is an affiliate marketing program run by Amazon. Moreover it is free to become an Amazon Affiliate for website owners or bloggers.

At first, these people need to advertise products on their website from, which they can do by creating site links. When a customer clicks on the link and buys the product, they earn referral money through it.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing useful in India and for whom?

 In addition it is very useful for small business owners or bloggers or creators, if want to have some side income.

However the main plus point of this marketing is, if a person buys something through your link you can earn 10% of the qualifying fees.


Well let’s STOP here for a moment.

Again Again, everything sounds good but on the contrary, it is not so easy. You have to add some effort.verything sounds good. But you need to know its terms or guidelines to become an Amazon Associate. It is very impotent to understand them before continuing with the procedure of how to become one.

 The rules are basically made for the right or ethical way of marketing. But the important and main rules are of Amazon Affiliate Marketing are given below:

> You need to have your own proper and active blog or channel or app or website. So that your gig is legit for Amazon.

> You need to prove that you are eligible to earn through your recommendations. You can do it by showing it on your website or communication.

>Untrue or faulty claims should not be made in your recommendation.

> You should avoid referring to prices (as they may change).

>No one should use Amazon Affiliate links in offline promotion, eBooks or emails.

>You must not use link shorteners on affiliate links.

>To be on the extra careful site, it is very much recommended to read Amazon Policy.


To become one you need to follow the instructions given below:-

A.  Firstly, visit Amazon home page on it scroll down and then you will see Amazon Associate home-page “join for free” now.

B.  Secondly you need to login your account or you can make one new.

C.   Further enter your account information in this you need to enter the name, address, and phone number of the payee

D.  Next, enter your website address (to this end, you need to put the address of whatever gig you have be it app, channel, blog or website.)

E.  Now, enter your preferred store id- you have to enter your preferred store id or basically your store name. At this step you have to explain what you want to be accomplishing with your website and select the topics your link will target.

F.  In this step you have to explain you drive traffic to your website or blog. Finally in this step you need to show how you earn money with the help of your website or app and how successful you are through it.

G. Now here, enter your phone number and then click on “Call Me Now.” Now you will receive a call from Amazon. It will provide a four digit number and finally you have to put it on screen.

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H.  Once it is done your account will be approved.

I.  Now next you have to choose your payment method. Here you can put your payment or tax ID now or later. After that you will go to your dashboard.

J.  Here you will have to create Amazon affiliate links: – once you have your account. In the first place you will have your personal homepage or dashboard. However There is where you will find your full performance, earnings, monthly summary and total clicks.

Important Note: – you have to make sure that at least one sale is made and your link in the time period of 180 days or your account will be automatically closed. This is the reason you need proper strategy.


Successful generation of links is detailed in the following points: – (Read Carefully)

1) For this purpose go in your Amazon affiliate account, in fact this ensures you are making a link using your account.

2)  Now you need to click on product linking in the top banner and select product link, so that this takes you to the page and you can be able to make your link.

3)  On the next step you need to specifically add the ASIN Amazon search standard identification number of 10 digits. For instance if you cannot find it then you need to search the product in Amazon catalog.

4)  Now click on the go button consequently this will create a result at the bottom. But while doing this; be sure that it is the product you want to promote for this purpose.

5)  Then Click on the get link button on the right side. If you Doing this then it will copy the link to your clipboard.

 As a result the link is generated. Finally you can use it on your site or blog to promote the material whichever you want. You can also use Amazon Associate Site Stripe to generate Amazon associate links. Moreover It is a much simpler way of getting Amazon Affiliate links then any.  


Finally, to do a successful affiliate marketing, on Amazon India affiliate program we can give you some good tips:
1. Make sure that you meet all the conditions accordingly that Amazon India wants to its affiliates and provide them with all the information they ask for.

2. Make proper use of all the tools they provide to you and know Which One works best and when. As a result you can do your best.

3. First, find out your best niche and then create compelling quality content. Along with promoting your blog, for this purpose it is necessary to keep in mind all of the terms and conditions of Amazon India.

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