About Me

Established in 2020

Hello everyone

I am Amrita Anand. I have created this blog for everyone.  It seems to me that you need to know everything about the world around you. So, the main purpose of a blog is to connect to the relevant audience. Here you can find everything related to politics to social issues, current affair to latest Bollywood gossip and fashion trend to trending topics on regulator basis.

 THE SREEJAN, is a place for everyone, it is a site which provides content for everyone, for every age, from adult to young, it provide from entertainment to education, from education to fun facts and from facts to political news, with articles and blogs being regularly updated with their regular and timely updates.

 If you also want to know the facts like me, then you are in the right place. If some information reaches to you through my written articles, it will be a big achievement for me.

After the lockdown caused by pandemic we are always looking for a way to entertain us, even after post lockdown people really cannot leave their house to go out to entertain themselves as before, if they did it would result to be life threatening and full of restrictions. On The Sreejan we can fully entertain ourselves by keeping us at home and not putting a step outside. 


I look forward to your corporation and stay.

Amrita Anand